Announcing the 2nd Annual San Francisco International Piano Festival

Jeffrey LaDeur

On behalf of all the artists of New Piano Collective, I welcome you to the second annual San Francisco International Piano Festival! The overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to the inaugural festival in 2017 has inspired us to present the festival annually, and we have you to thank. You- our audience, colleagues, friends, family, community partners, volunteers, sponsors, hosts, writers, designers, photographers, videographers, and the list goes on…

It was during last year’s festival launch that I witnessed the core purpose of our organization manifest: the creation of a safe space where artists can dream, risk, and soar, all the while inviting the audience to be present for the journey. We celebrate the individual voice and prize the unique approach each artist brings to the piano, transforming the very same instrument into a prism of personal expression. This individualism is supported by decades of disciplined study of musical architecture and technique, literature and language, performance practice and, well… practice, pure and simple. In sharing what we create and re-create through performance, we share part of ourselves, and this creates connection. Such alchemy can take place only in collaboration with our audience; your presence sets the stage for magic to happen and for inspiration to take flight.

Join us for an unforgettable festival-14 richly varied performances, 9 beautiful venues, 15 world class artists, and the chance to experience to some of the greatest music ever written. I look forward to welcoming you in person at our concerts!


Jeffrey LaDeur

Founder & Artistic Director of New Piano Collective

Igor Lipinski

Polish concert pianist. Eastman School of Music & University of Rochester alumnus. Classical music consultant. Performance artist.