3rd annual San Francisco
International Piano Festival

AUGUST 15-25, 2019



A welcome note from Jeffrey LaDeur, Artistic Director of San Francisco International Piano Festival and New Piano Collective

Jeffrey LaDeur

It is my great honor and pleasure to welcome you to the 3rd annual San Francisco International Piano Festival! Since its inception in 2017, our festival has grown in size and depth, reflecting the immense love of the piano and its repertoire shared by our community. It is the artists of New Piano Collective and our extraordinary guest artists, presenting partners and volunteers, and most of all you- our audience, dear friends, supporters, and fellow music lovers, that have made this festival one of the most exciting musical events in the Bay Area. A uniquely artist-driven organization, the festival is realized through a rich collaboration between the pianists of NPC, myself, and our presenting partners. The programs are designed to integrate artist and audience, repertoire and acoustic, old and new, and create a space where all are welcome to experience the powerful connection that is communal, active listening.

Artistic identity is at the center of this festival, and the programming is woven from each pianist's passion projects, the continuity and contrast between musical styles, and the many factors that make these works relevant at this moment in our history. It is for this reason that the repertoire is so diverse, ranging from Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, to Rzewski, Ligeti, and Crumb. The juxtaposition of seemingly disparate works reveals the truism, "plus ca change..." and offers us the opportunity to re-examine what we believed to be familiar territory. As with any great work of art, the renewal of our attention and openness to its message offers rewards limited only by our imagination.

With 18 performing artists, 14 concerts, and 11 venues, it is our hope that you find classics and future classics that speak to your authentic self.

With gratitude,
Jeffrey LaDeur

Founder & Artistic Director of New Piano Collective